Thursday, 26 January 2012

Chaos creates Order

My desktop 2012
The bindery has received all the information to make my thesis books. I have to wait until they'll arrive next week. My thesis separates the written language (at the left side) from the visual language (right side). Just as our brains are separated into two hemispheres. When I closed my internet windows I looked at my desktop and saw a strange phenomena, I had dragged all the images to the corners of the screen. Some were distinctive, most of the time they were on top of each other. To think that my subject is about 'the human desire to order' seemed somewhat far fetched if you take a look at how chaotic my Mac is! 

Try out 'cover' print 2012
But then again, there is a philosophy that calls upon symmetry as the fundamental base for asymmetry. In that perspective this chaotic desktop brings ordered shapes to life. The enclosed creates the excluded. The left creates the right. This is one of the thrills that my research echoes back. I've printed a version to show to the teachers at school. In general they were quite excited about it but some thought it was more about design and not so much about the text anymore. I laughed because there is a certain Rietveld consensus, a way 'art' should look and feel like. Isn't it funny that those who teach us to go beyond our safety zone remain there themselves. Everything that presents itself slightly 'well made' is looked at with suspicious eyes. It is my believe that art will change, alter and presents itself differently over time. It is a dynamic force, certain works of art that once were considered 'not done' can get a very different connotation in the future...

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