Sunday, 2 December 2012

Nothing I Do Is Good Enough For You

Maybe I should have looked up what the term 'showcase' means. I arrived at the Old Church holding my painting 'the Coronation of the Shepherdess' firm to my side. People setting up their work everywhere. Adjusting lights and fighting with frames. As I found my spot I began to grasp the enormous amount of art that I was surrounded by. I wasn't impressed by what I saw. Maybe I'm used to being overwhelmed by art fairs. And the feeling they give me that escape is futile, an endless space filled with stalls that want  to impress. They drive me crazy! And here I was, one of them with a work to add to the list. I felt the exhibit was curated with a non cohesive order. But I couldn't stay in that set of mind for long so I corrected myself when I took a photo of the painting.  It was then when I realized She was in a Church! And not just any Church but the Old Church (1306) in Amsterdam in the centre of the Red Light district! To me that was a fantastic experience on itself. And for the first time with a work that does not so much overwhelm the viewer with details and impressions but a work that sits quietly to be discovered by the right set of eyes. I attached some additional information to the wall next to her and went home to warm up. December in a cold Dutch church is not a place where I'd like to be for long. I returned in the afternoon to spend some more time and chat with other artists.

Weird Is The New Normal

It's the time of year when life continues into a less visible state. When the trees bare no leafs. When the flowers and meadows have flourished and return to their source. In the back of my apartment building there is a huge courtyard paved with stones. Children used to play here but they have left. This summer I saw nature reclaiming its territory. Weeds slowly covering stone by stone. With no interference by any of the buildings occupants, it became a spectacle for my eyes. Within a year half of the courtyard has been taking over by all kinds of plants. I look at it with wonder for now all growth is subdued and retreats. But the best part is that I was able to catch a glimpse of its power at its peak! One moment, early in November when the last rays of autumn sunshine touches nature with hope for the new year...