Sunday, 18 March 2012

The BIG Apple

Picture taken from my seat from
US Airlines plane 06-03-12
Arriving at New York LaGuardia Airport made the spirits of the group rise. This was enhanced by the fact that our plane had its course straight over a night lit, downtown Manhattan! The view was breathtaking, one huge blanket of light was spread out over an enormous amount of land. Although the five of us (yes we missed our connecting flight from Phil to NY) added up to a total of about 40 passengers onboard, the impact of the view had everyone under its spell. And while the cabin attendant merrily spoke over the intercom that all electronic devises such as ipod's, ipad's, blackberry's, blueberry's and raspberry's should be switched off during our decent, we were all highly anticipating the adventure that was spread out under our feet. Collecting our luggage, into the bus and on our way to the hotel. Yes we saw the city towers rise in the distance, slowly becoming bigger. But when the bus drove up the Brooklyn Bridge on its course to enter the city, all the lights of the buildings made their second massive impression. This was like nothing I'd seen before. It seemed that they had captured the universe from the spheres above and brought it down to vertical lines that made it impossible to measure scale or depth. And while we moved ahead new buildings arose with  equally lid little stars that I had to remind myself were windows where people were working. No picture, movie or story can contain the effect of New York's first impression, I can only tell you it starts with a BANG!

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