Monday, 7 May 2012

A process cannot be understood by stopping it

First try out LAB series  with four light boxes

Rietveld spins dates towards me as if they are chocolate candy bars! I've received multiple time slots for all sorts of official arrangements. There are photo-shoots for the catalogue, artist statements, elevator pitches, meetings and work plans on demand. They know I like it, i love it. It becomes all very official and that reflects in my work where I try to find solutions for all sorts of dilemmas. What feels right and what feels wrong. Are there things that add up or do they distract?  Should electrical wires be visible or can it be integrated in the work? Does it change the meaning? Should the wall be white at all? It's all part of a process that rolls out in front of me and it's as challenging as much as it is rewarding!

Second composition of the LAB series 

With the attitude 'less is more' the second composition from the LAB series has emerged. The LAB performance was a exploration of space and body. Where  new tension arose by adding a simple awkward twist. They started out very elaborate but got quickly replaced by more subtle forms of twists. At the base is still my fascination for laboratory animals. How the uncomfortable can create a comfortable zone. And so the first concepts for the graduation exhibit show follow the same stream as the rest. They will be discussed, altered and are useful right now as a simple guideline. Next chapter...

Concept for graduation exhibit in July 2012

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