Friday, 13 July 2012

What Is Now Proved Was Once Only Imagined

Overview of the 3 works I have on display
during the graduation exhibit
In the appendix of my diploma the teachers added a little note saying they experienced the process and presentation of my work open and direct, making it a very daring contribution. I smiled and signed the documents making a mental note to look up the word 'daring'. These little words are very important, and I prefer to fully grasp their meaning. So I looked it up... this is what the dictionary has to say about daring...

  1. A challenge to do something dangerous or foolhardy. Synonyms: Dare.
  2. The trait of being willing to undertake things that involve risk or danger. Synonyms: Boldness, Hardihood.
  3. Radically new or original. Synonyms: Avant-garde.

The blown up photograph from my performance with my head in a box of earth,
it made people stop in their tracks 

I'm glad that I looked it up. Because even though I show two photographs that are registrations of a performance, every piece that is on display demands a specific approach. Making it for some people hard to believe they are made by one person. There is my thesis subject again: The Human Need To Order The World. All the pieces come together, the puzzle provides an overview of my visual langue. I never imagined that my graduation exhibit would look like this; an intricate web of connected bulbs of interest. 

Artist Statement: 

Close-up from the Bisons head
Everything around me is tension, attraction and repulsion. I prefer to work with these energies for they provide a challenge for myself and the viewer. Once a boundary is crossed it relocates itself and needs to be examined again. My work explores multiple media and is eclectic by nature. It might be recognisable by its tangible discommode or its excessive adoration for the Happily Ever After. But in that interdisciplinary universe I work with recurring themes concerning; sexuality, human interaction, obsessions and corporeality. The body is the vehicle we temporarily claim as our own. Making use of its characteristics as a natural material is a way of research that stagnates my endless stream of thoughts. Therefore creating a moment where being is bewildering, using experience rather than thoughts.A performance might lead to a series of pictures that over time may become a sculpture.

Making art is like a battle, an endless fight with myself and my ideas, my needs and desires. Yet its process is the most rewarding and exhilarating thing I can think of.
Dennis Verbeke 2012

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