Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Seven whole days...

Example of the Pony Performance
Yes Folks, this is it! The final week for donations to get the Pony Performance to Stockholm has begun! A visit to the voordekunst.nl website made me realize that 24% has been collected. THANKS FOR ALL DONATIONS! But that is not enough to bring the performance to other venues.  Further research will stagnate at this stage. Lets not focus on those elements for now. Im very happy to inform you that serval ponies have been adopted!

Example of the
Pony Poster Adoption with
 the focus on Pony item Bowtie. 
The collection has  expanded with the arrival of the 3 Great Hair-Do Ponies, a Princess Pony and a Show N Glow edition! The first try-out prints of the Pony Performance Catalogue have been received as well. They look fantastic but are still incomplete, for the journey to Stockholm will be included. A wide range of topics will be addressed and the theoretical research; the human need for puppets, dolls, dummies, wajang dolls and even sex dolls will be present. The catalogue will be delivered to sponsors by the end of September and will be bilingual. It has become a work of its own and even dives into the history of collecting and how we archive and order the world around us in the present. To get a visual on future developments of the Pony Performance I've begun making a maquette for other venues such as the PARADE in 2013! The money that will be raised on voordekunst.nl will also enable me to expand the Pony Performance. It is a continuation with a  new goal: to have all the ponies adopted! In that sense the collection will change its attention from ME the accumulator to the WE,  a group of people represented in a collection, this is a significant switch! People with a Paypal account or who don't want to use the Dutch site voordekunst.nl can transfer any desired amount to: www.dennis.verbeke@live.nl  If you mail me a comment or remark I will add this to the list of comments made by other sponsors. 

Maquette for the Pony Performance
at PARADE 2013 Amsterdam
Don't think that your donation doesn't matter, it will make a major difference! I'am very grateful to feel your support for this project. It will be experienced by more people who might start to wonder how we deal with gender and sexuality. That the Pony Performance stands for diversity, tolerance, acceptance, our dreams, obsessions and our patience. Boys with a sturdy attitude are still considered the norm, but who wants to be the ordinary, lets reach for the EXTRAordinary! Thanks for your support! See the video for the crowd funding art site Voordekunst.nl. My project is still online there (page 4) at Lopende Projecten.

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