Tuesday, 13 November 2012


It's good to make a lot of pictures
and to gather words of interest for
when you combine them they
create something NEW.
Welcome back again, I must say it feels nice and fresh to return to this blog. While I'am also aware of a certain distance. Something in the back of my mind is reminding me not to spill the milk... Let me therefor explain that my intention with this blog has changed a great deal. My years at the Rietveld have come to an end and I have nothing more to prove. For nowadays things just are or aren't present. The 5 years of DOGtime, that felt like a pressure cooker are slowly leaving my system. After the graduation show I needed to reboot my systems and I unplugged myself from everything that was tagged as art. It was ME literally saying; NO NO NO NO NO. It felt delicious. A liberation, a wave of possibilities and yet it was my choice to remain as silent as possible and not to make a single move. Maybe its my zodiac Cancer sign that makes the need to retreat such a valuable experience. Whatever it is that i'm hunting for I always find it, one way or another.

Cavemen experiment

My intention for this blog has always been a voyeuristic need to let people in on my process, my quest, my need to make and create. I think we should all stop every now and then to ask ourselves if we enjoy what we are doing? And if not, don't continue until it makes itself present. Once's intuition is a great gift but it whispers, so we have to empty our noisy lives to check on it. The next thing I would like to see is to change the banner of the blog, I'm fond of the words Work - Play - Thoughts but maybe they should be rearranged? Maybe by order of importance, then I would definitely start with PLAY! For all we ever do is play. It's the best remedy to every problem. Our brains, our worries and fears might want to overrule our pleasure but PLAY is the finger that releases all tension from the filled balloon. Don't let it get to you! We play as children to explore the world around us, to see relations and to exchange different points of view and as grownups we call it sport, music, art, sex and war. But its all the same really. So wherever you are while you read this, whoever you might be, go out and play! NOW....

Cavemen experiment 

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