Friday, 24 April 2015

Somewhere Someone Thought

Picture from Surprise Twins Mommy 
Yes indeed, the My Little Pony Babies were a success since they were introduced in 1983. They developed their own specific branch of merchandise since 1984 when the Baby Buggy was released and many other specific items followed. But nobody knew what a pregnant My Little Pony looked like. It was something the fantasy mind solved by itself. Until somewhere in the Hasbro Universe someone thought it would be a good idea to get this Pony materialized. And hence the Surprise Twins Mommy arrived on the stage! Her symbol is a white stork carrying a baby in a white sheet. The pose is unique, Hasbro has only applied it to this specific item. They also put a white collar around hear neck with a yellow ribbon and same colored heart. When you press the heart Mommy's belly opens and the twins fall out. Was it a success? I'm not convinced because the babies are so tiny that children would overlook them very easily and the set would be incomplete. So these days the Surprise Twins Mommy is a rare item. She appears on auction sites maybe once a year only and is easily sold voor 350,- Dollars or more. Still for me it is one freaky Pony! That I would love to add to the collection. Maybe in another month or so....

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