Thursday, 29 September 2011

Princess Sparkle

She has arrived! And much sooner than I thought. After my meeting with Jeldau at Paradiso last week I decided that I could treat myself with a new item or two depending on the bidding frenzy. I made an offer on Princess Sparkle and Pretty Beat. Both stayed within my budget and are the last items to make their series complete. These are the best ones! They provide me with the biggest rush. And wrap up their specific search. She is in excellent condition with unscratched symbols, eyes and the tinsel in her hair hasn't been cut. Underneath her right food stands the mark that she is part of my collection: DV.23.6.6 is her number and she will be boxed with her other Princess friends such as Primrose, Serena, Tiffany, Royal Blue and Stardust. The only doubt I have is that they all came with Bushwoolies, I believe they are little furry trolls. Not sure if i should add these accessories. So I will put that idea on hold for a while.