Thursday, 29 September 2011

Art is movement

Moving to another studio is (kind of) a big deal. It involves the fact that my work and the material that I use have to be repositioned. Many of my works are fragile. And demand special care. It used to be a rather easy experience, or was I more careless back then? Fact is that my body of work is much bigger now than 5 years ago. And I wouldn't like it if I found certain paintings scratched or drawings torn at the edges. So this time around, moving demanded much more preparation and involvement. It was great to make contact with pieces that hadn't been touched in 2 years. Sometimes I even got overwelmed when I
discovered early sound tapes, doodles or little stories. It's a certain way of time traveling I suppose. But the real treat came in the end! When everything had arrived, I felt a huge release and eagerness to create new work in these 'virgin surroundings'.  This new studio is rougher and better workable than a tidy office space in the city centre. Although that was pretty awesome at the time too...