Friday, 30 December 2011

Are you behind schedule?

And I'd say 'no' because accepting there is a schedule would already place me somewhere along it's timeline, instantly relating me to others timeline and thus confronting me with a sense of good (going fast) and bad (going slow) while the truth is that everything is in time. I'm right where I should be. Working my way through the process of writing, collecting and abstracting from vast amounts of information those things that have a coherence with my aspirations for the thesis that has the work title:

The Order of the Order to Order the All That Is

So while I do my Jackrabbit research or I investigate mold making, there is a consistent vibration in my head that keeps on working on the thesis. It started spinning a united field that is replied to every corner of my mind. And it works its way out through my mouth and my hands. A big part in my thesis is reserved for art history in relation to the need for order. I'm connecting historical elements with artists, nature, landscape, city, buildings and personal passions.  Everything falls together seamlessly, now i have to write some more....

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