Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Step to the front of the line

"Would you all be so kind and give way for Cranberry Muffin and Princess Dawn to step to the front of the line please. I repeat Cranberry Muffin and Princess Dawn, step to the front of the line."

I must admit that these additions spark up the already colorful stable of 210 horses that are ready to take the stage at Palais Paradiso in Feb 2012. So why add 2 more? Well the first one completes my collection of Sweetberry ponies, the second one rounds up my search for another Princess pony, the second series is now complete. Having them in a linear order they respectively represent DV24.6.6 and DV25.6.6 in the collection but most importantly the idea of having 212 participating items in the year 2012 makes a lot of sense to me. As a collectioneur I can be at peace with this formation for a while. I will keep them on my windowsill, separated from the others until they are united for the performance. They remind me of time passing by for it is only 2 more months...

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