Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Green Light at Rietveld

Expect the best, be prepared for the worst, 
fuck what others think and do your own thing!

Entrance of my installation
It has been two weeks since the Green Light assessment. I received the Thumbs Up for the upcoming months! The entire group of 5th year; teachers and students went out to dinner. The vibe was electric. Many happy faces with the expression of relief from the hard work that got us all tied to a knot. We had a change to enjoy great food and nice wine, to chit-chat with each other and to celebrate the fact that the final stage had begun. I decided to read the comments from the eight headed dragon committee when I was at home. The evening was all about having fun, sharing stories and to unwind.

Now that the dust has settled, it's time to pick up  and integrate their comments and advise. One thing that stands out is a more refined grip on my talent, the ability to step back from the work and to look at it again from another point of view. It is their belief that it will be very beneficial to gain a certain distance. Point taken. But most of all and most importantly I realized how conditions form  the outcome of my work. A certain field of energy is projected into the subject of attention. To master thát field is where a lot of knowledge can be gained. I want to use these last months to get a grip on this process, not to be directed to a certain position where I do not want to be but to mold and experiment and create ONE THING that really is a great piece of art. Strong, tangible and solid!
One part of the Green Light installation 

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