Thursday, 16 February 2012

Each sold separately

Paradiso is mostly famous for its great concerts and parties. Today however, something different is going down in this legendary place. Every year a range of different artists are invited to show fine arts and performance live for Palais Paradiso. This years theme is 'The Talent Show', a satirical reference to the enormous amount of talent shows we're bombarded with nowadays. The contestants will show off their best tricks, especially for you!

Palais Paradiso is a combination of performance, film, installations and music art. And the upcoming fourth edition will even have a spectacle show! The stage is set to hold the following complete series of G1 My Little Pony items:
Screencap 80's commercial
-Earth Ponies -Schooltime Ponies -Princess Brush N Grow -Rainbow Curl Ponies -Twinkle Eyed Ponies -Sundae Best Ponies -Collector Ponies -Sunshine Ponies -Flower Ponies -Unicorns & Pegasus Ponies -Loving Family Ponies -Cookery Ponies -Brush N Grow Ponies -Perfume Puff Ponies -Dance N Prance Ponies -Sweet Kisses Ponies -Merry Go Round Ponies -Sparkle Ponies -Twice As Fancy Ponies (both series) -Romance Ponies -Rock N Beat Ponies -Princess Ponies (both series) -Tropical Ponies.
There are also series that are not completed yet, they are: -Seven Character Ponies -Rainbow Ponies -Big Brother Ponies -Happy Tales Ponies and the Birthflower Ponies. They are ready to take on the stage, they blend together and make one big colorful landscape of a boy's dream...

Screencap 80's commercial

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