Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Palais Paradiso 2012 'the talent show'

Main stage Palais Paradiso with video-cube 2012

While the rush of my Pony Performance at Palais Paradiso is still in my veins, the ponies seem to make a continues sound in the back of my head. One hundred and twelve little voices demanding We Want More! So I've decided to make a catalog about the performance and the items that have been participating. Another drive is Stockholm's performance art festival STOFF where I applied for one week of Pony Performances and two lectures about taxonomy-classification and order; why and how we use them. I will incorporate my thesis discoveries for children within the age range of 13 to15 years old. At the same time I'm working on a pitch for a program that funds art- and artists. My goal is to expand my pony collection to over 300 unique items. People will be able to donate all sorts of amounts, I'm still in need for items that cost 20 euros up to items with a price range from 120 euros and more! I want the pitch to be energetic, fun and dynamic for the viewer. So it's easy to understand and fun to be part of this project. Imagine boarding a plane to Stockholm with 312 of my darlings in the overhead compartments! Instead of the belly of the plane where all luggage should be stored. 

Pony Performance Palais Paradiso 2012

Dutch newspapers PAROOL and Volkskrant wrote about the event and radio program VPRO's 'de avonden' interviewed me for about 10 minutes. This edition of the Pony Performance was elaborated with its own soundtrack and light-plan. From within the round stage came a subtile musical score from composers Alexandre Desplat, Danny Elfman, John Brion and Mychael Danna. The performance started with dimmed lights that took about 20 minutes to reach full capacity. And another 20 minutes to return to a dim lit room. These 'transitions' allowed more investigation space for the audience, in the dim lights they felt free to move around and came closer to the stage. The music enabled a steady stream of thoughts and feelings for me. This enhanced my concentration to a peek and created a new high in the experience. I look back at a great experience that, on multiple levels gave me so much more. I found it a pity that I hadn't time to see the other acts,  to build up and take down your own stage does take some time. But friends and family filled me up with those stories after the event. 

Overview of The Talent Show edition of Palais Paradiso 2012

Dennis Verbeke - Nederlands Dans Theater 2 - Renee van Trier
Uta Eisenreich - The Game - Ieke Trinks - Emile Zile

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