Thursday, 22 March 2012

Wine And Dine

First Concept Telescoping Dining Table with Birds  

My interest in animal experimentation is a steady source that provides me with all sorts of visual imagery. In this attempt I would like to see a variety of birds that get together for a fancy dinner party. Arriving one after the other, to take up ever inch of free space they accumulate by sound and personalities a peak that will shatter all tableware. Leaving a complete and devastated mess behind. It would be fantastic to record this event in real time. The birds with their unpredictable behavior might count for some unexpected events. Will it work? Or is it a lost case to begin with? And should I make an attempt to get some serious SGI guys onboard?  Or it might be a mix of both, doves seem to be rather friendly in comparison with Toucans or other Parrots. So maybe they could be added in a digital way? I have to get more information about the possibilities and what species I would like to use. To be continued...

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