Monday, 28 May 2012

I'll be your mirror, reflect what you are, in case you don't know

'Just a ordinary portrait shoot' I repeated to myself while I biked to the studio of Rene Bosch for the catalogue of DOGtime. Standing there surrounded by professional lighting I became a bit serious. I  wanted a flirtatious relation with the camera in combination with a high energy sparkle. Yeah right. It worked out okay, this is the image that will be send into the world as Dennis Verbeke one of the graduating fine art students of Gerrit Rietveld 2012. That thought didn't help me. And the lack of any other inspirational quote made me surrender to whatever happened. The rest of the portraits are very different in comparison to last years class. To Rene it became clear that we were a group of individuals. All unique and with a own style. 

This was emphasized by the Elevator Pitch last friday where the mentors expressed that it would be difficult so summarize this year in text. They wondered if the visitors of the final exhibit next month would get a overall feeling of DOGtime. It made me think of myself while I listened to one of my playlists on iTunes. We connect sound with images in music videos so what would I look like if I had to select nine clips? What would content, and lyrics wise match with myself, my dreams my mirror? I started searching, YouTube is a endless resource of information. These are the nine tracks that I think represent me the best. If you would have to chose, which nine ones would you pick?

Self Portrait in music videos 2012

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