Thursday, 31 May 2012

To The Eyes Of The Man Of Imagination, Nature Is Imagination Itself

Manel explains the division of exhibit space
The architectural drawing of the first floor at Rietveld was brought up to us by Manel. The DOGtime part for the final exhibit is unlike previous years, it will be on the first instead of the third floor in the beautiful main building! Therefore making it very accessible, most people will get their first impression from the graduates of 2012 there. When he clarified the floor plan, dividing students in gallery spaces, I felt my knee being kicked from across the table by someones feet. Only to reveal Claudia who was sitting there with a bright smile and her thumbs up. It was then that I realized what Manel had said, i had the left wing all to myself! No shared space, just the unique opportunity to show my work in a room that is flooded by light and looks over gorgeous lush trees. It gave me a little premonition of a zenith yet to come.

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