Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Best take Advantage, Be All That You Can Be

Even though tools seem
 to be everywhere
we try to keep them together
 on two locations
We have become one crew, a crew that is ready! We moved out all our stuff from the KB Factory into the Gerrit Rietveld academy. We move around swiftly, just like ants. Empty a room, build up walls, cover the floor for protection and then we start painting. All according to a very detailed floor plan. This is happening at full speed, six DOGtime rooms at once. When we're done you'll not recognize them as classrooms anymore. But this is not just DOGtime at the first floor, the entire two buildings are buzzing with activities, students, teachers and lots of helping hands (family and friends) to make it all happen. All departments are represented at the graduation show; fashion, architecture,ceramics, audiovisual, design, glass, VAV and print & text. 

In previous years I was on the visitor side. You'll take a lot for granted there. Things that never cross your mind are actually very important to be hidden away from the guests awareness. It's all in good spirits and great fun. Iti is there to supply us with sandwiches and other solutions that our engines need to stay healthy. We talk, think and laugh our way through the day. I believe we are actually ahead of schedule, with this being the second day of work and almost everyone is ready to install beamers, dvd-players, lights and lots and lots of extension cords! But the technical story is a different story all together.

Fase one, connecting the screens
to make walls out of them

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