Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Were You Hare When I Was Fox?

Bison frame complete with head and legs.
For a sense of scale you see that he stands on two tables, with a pen
and a piece of paper to his right.   
I alter my attention to the Bison who arises out of wire and wood. He appears with his own personality. I put my hands at work while my mind is reduced to a minimal. An overall intuitive feeling takes over. One that is not afraid to reconsider posture or proportion. One that alters the frame for a better distribution of weight, to make way for a new tension. Working on this scale demands a flexible approach on all fronts. Maybe that explains why working on this Bison feels so refreshing. Even this project has a fundamental reflective connection like all other work. It seems inevitable. So I might as well use it full force! Placing him on a table added another layer, in some sense even a more Biblical approach, like the Golden Calf. With three more weeks to go I know I'll be spending lots of time with him...

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