Friday, 6 July 2012

Not To Stare Up At Me

After the results from the
final exam had been discussed
we all received a rose.
Time is a strange thing these days, it accumulates at one moment, giving me the impression of a timeless vacuum and the next moment it goes by so rapidly that hours seem to slip through my fingers! My body got rid of all tension and stress when the teachers told me that from now on I was an certified artist. A new Bachelor to add to the 2012 Graduation List! The energy of our class went through the roof of the glass building. Smiling faces all around, cheering, congratulating and phoning friends and families at home. 

Simone with her 3 year old daughter Rosie having
a great time at my picture
The next day was the Official Opening, with several speeches, VIP tours, newspapers and television crews all over the place. The sun outside was blazing. Making me aware that summer had begun. Everybody seemed to be in an exhilarating state of being. The aisles were packed, people with flowers everywhere, flashes of cameras and people posing. I never thought it would be such an insane event. I guess you reach that state automatically when you look in the eyes of the ones you love who have come to share the joy and to express their pride. 

My mother striking a pose with me

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