Friday, 29 June 2012

I Can't Stand The Rain

This fourth day was a tricky one for me. It's edges were marked with thoughtless acts and impatient behavior. I guess the amount of work caught me off guard. All of a sudden my motivation dropped. I perceived advise and help from teachers as an attack, an intrusion. I was aware that a lot of things needed my attention. But that doesn't give people the right to point them out all the time. Give me a brake and have some faith will ya! But this is not the private domain of a studio, this is common Rietveld territory and all hands on board are determined to make it a success. My guiding system told me I was in troubled water. So I sighed, rolled my eyes made a few bitch comments and was left alone. Alone, except for Maartje. She proved to be a breath of fresh air that I was longing for. She took a bucket, started mixing the mortar and sat by my side. We nailed the column right there on the spot! I will not show you pictures of the result, for I don't like spoilers. You must come see it for  4 days...

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