Sunday, 25 March 2012

Curiosity - Experiment - Experience

The three words above this post are a driving force to keep making new work. People have asked me 'but why do you collect a Pony Performance?' or 'why do you want to bury your head in the earth?' I answer; why do we have the Olympic Games, why do we listen to music, why do we enjoy a walk through a landscape or do we lay on our backs looking at the clouds? Why do these things make us feel alive? They give us an experience that seems very important but it doesn't nourish our physical needs.

I've read 'The Naked Man' by Desmond Morris and although I found it pretty outdated at times, it also approached human kind as another species of animal on the planet earth. For me that was the most interesting element of the book and it was beneficial for my thesis. His chapter about the human need for beauty, art and expression was very insightful. And lingers in the corners of my mind. For there are many things we can't explain in this world. Expression is one of those things people everywhere on earth use by sound, clothing and decorations. Not only to be more attractive, or to tell a story nor even to show their power. Objects wether they are given magical powers or not, are also used for the cheer joy they bring to the mind. The experience of 'wonder' one gets or 'anxiety', even the reaction of 'rejection' when a person is experiencing a piece of art is just as valuable and justified as all others. But art does more, it wants some effort from the viewer. It has its own rules and regulations and can often be dismissed as to rational.

Yes, contemporary art does seem to involve the mind for a great deal. But never forget that we perceive our surroundings with all our senses! Sight, sound, smell and taste are indicators that send little pieces of information to our brains. Where we can translate emotions and thoughts and are able to talk about our experiences. Art being the territory where the 'All Is Possible' does not have to comply with the value of aesthetics.  As example you see three pictures that I shot this weekend. The most important aspect for me is that they are seen as a residue from a performance. That starting point given, I value the photo on the left much more as a sculpture. The one in the middle is more 2 dimensional with only my mouth and the earth as information carriers. And the first one above the page deals much more with motion, movement and time. It is more unsettling than the other two due to the fact it is much more 'in your face'. Once I've deciphered this series I can take a look at them and separate the ones I like from the ones I don't like. And a whole new process of looking, choosing and remaking can begin.

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