Saturday, 31 March 2012

Drawing Continues

Researching pose-body relation 2012
Yesterday we celebrated our 6420 days of friendship, I decorated the table, got flowers and cooked us a very spicy dinner! Our get-togethers are like my favorite clothes;  effortlessly comfortable mixed with a posh edge. And our laughter is the diamond studded brim! You didn't expect any of this so to see the surprise in your eyes gave me the biggest gratification. From the linen napkins, the Louis XIV silver cutlery to the crystal glasses that sing when we toast, you drank every little detail with the expression of wonder and joy. You love your family unconditionally, but having a little boy and a baby can get the better part of any mother! No worries they all went through it. So to sit back and enjoy the luxury of someone that has taken care of every little detail can indeed be a blissful experience. It was when we had our soup that you asked about my development and what it is I'm currently working on.  I showed you some photo's and talked about the graduation show ideas when you interrupted me with the question;' have you stopped drawing and painting?' I answered that; while they are not very high on my priority list right now, I would always be occupied with them on some level or another. And then I sort of forgot about the subject and we went on... 

First sketch about Boxed Head performance 2012
At 08:30 this morning I received your text message saying you still experienced an afterglow from last night. But my eyes didn't see daylight until 12:30, I guess motherhood kicked back in... While I poured myself a cup of coffee I thought about last night and before I could fill the cup I was going through my sketchbook and saw that it was filled with little ideas, sketches and other drawings. Realizing that it IS an important way to express myself, so I should include it in some way or another during the graduation exhibit in July! THANK YOU JENNEKE! For addressing something I take for granted and that might be very helpful for viewers to read my work. I've put my money on another 6420 days, just so you know!

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